10 Wedding Day Tips (from a gal that is a professional wedding goer)

As a wedding photographer, I’ve been to more weddings than I can count. All our weddings are totally gorgeous, but we would be lying if we said that every wedding went 100% smooth (I was once a bride- and our wedding DEFINITELY didn't go perfectly as planned). Over the years we have put together some helpful tips based off all the weddings we have photographed to make sure future brides can have the smoothest wedding day possible. Enjoy babes!

  1. Hire/appoint a wedding coordinator

This may be the most valuable thing I’ve learned about weddings over the years, both as a wedding vendor and a bride myself. The smoothest weddings with the happiest (and most relaxed) brides are always the weddings with a fantastic coordinator. Find someone you trust who’s ONLY job is to take care of wedding logistics.

2. Don’t stress the little things

Trust me, come the big day, what color flatware you have is going to be the least of your worries. Try to find a happy medium of wanting things to be beautiful but also knowing that really the only thing that matters is you are marrying your best friend!

3. Pick your girl gang wisely

You get engaged and immediately start thinking of those super fun details, and I bet one of those details is your bridesmaid list! Before you do your cutie bridesmaid proposal, really think hard about the people who are going to truly be there for you, support you, and love you throughout the wedding process.

4. Plan your timeline around the sun

OMG this may be my biggest piece of advice to any bride I meet. Unless you plan around the sun, and more specifically the sunset, you may risk having limited photos! Ask for your photographer’s input when planning your timeline, they will likely guide you in the right direction. If you want those gorgeous natural light photos, you gotta have sunlight!

5. Have extra getting ready time

If you think you need 5 hours of getting ready time, plan for 6 or 7. Not only will doing this ensure you wont start the ceremony late, but it will also give you more time to relax before show time! You’ll also have plenty of time for pre ceremony photos.

6. Limit your pre ceremony drinking

The getting ready process is super fun, but also nerves are running a little high during this time! Absolutely indulge in a mimosa or two if you want, but don’t start the party too early or you might feel a little yucky come ceremony time! Drink plenty of water and make sure your bridal suite is stocked with snacks!

7. Don’t try to DIY too much

Believe me, I love a good DIY, but don’t take on more than you can chew (especially if it requires day of effort). Your wedding should be enjoyable, not work! I was 100% guilty of this one on my wedding day!

8. Pay your vendors before the wedding day

Some vendors will require remaining balance before the wedding day, but for those who don’t, pay them before the big day anyway. The last thing you want to be worrying about before your ceremony is getting everyone paid, and once the ceremony is over you will totally forget! Put someone (like a parent or bridal party member) in charge of making sure anyone you are tipping gets tipped!

9. Have a rehearsal- and invite your vendors

A lot of brides skip the rehearsal with the idea that they will just tell their bridal party the order of procession and thats all the rehearsal is good for, but thats so not the case. The rehearsal is important for everyone, especially vendors like your coordinator, photographer, videographer, and in some cases DJ, florist, etc. You'll also be surprised how many people in your bridal party actually need to practice walking down the aisle, even you!

10. Pick a photographer that you LOVE

Okay okay I’m a little bias here, but I swear this is important! Why invest all that time and energy in a wedding if you don’t have quality and beautiful images to remember it by (cause trust me, the day will go by fast). Not only should you love their style, but you should also love their personality! After all, you’ll likely be spending more time with your photographer than your soon to be spouse.

Did you find any of this helpful? Or are you a former bride and can totally back me up on these? Thanks for reading, and have a FANTASTIC wedding day!